Offer credential

This simple command will result in a credential offer for a mocked credential that can be accepted immediately by scanning the generated QR code or using the URL.


siera automate credential-offer





Print help information.


--connection-id <CONNECTION_ID>

Connection id of the receiving party.



Disables printing the QR code.



Completes the entire flow with itself.


--timeout <TIMEOUT>

Timeout for the entire flow in seconds [default : 60].

Example usage

siera automate credential-offer

First, you will receive a connection invitation in your wallet, after which you will receive the offered credential. The credential is named default and contains several types of attribute.

  "Bank": "qBank New York",
  "Name": "Joyce Brown",
  "Valid Until": "20251212",
  "Card Number": "4537-6696-0666-0146",
  "City": "New York",
  "Date Of Birth": "19890321",
  "Street": "Main Road 207",
  "Security Code": "063"

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